Best Practices of Fascinating Available Light Photography

Portrait with available light

The Best practices of available light photography start with finding the most suitable vantage point within the scene. The aim is to capture the subjects along with the background and foreground with clear distinction, without using flash or any other supporting light sources. The task could become complex especially during dusk/ dawn, limited available lights, shadowed background and blurring backlight etc. However it is possible to enhance the depth and quality of photographs with simple practices.

Basic Parameters of Quality

  • Manual Camera Settings: – Optimization of exposure value and shutter speed can enhance the quality once the parameters of ISO, light level and the illumination intensity are considered. Manual settings for these parameters in the camera are stated to be better.
  • Light Level Enhancement: – interior lighting can come from lamps, LED bulbs, hearth, candles etc. Exterior light sources could be sun, moon, stars, campfire and artificial lighting sky etc. Manual settings for aperture, raw format; shutter priority, blur reduction and focal points can enhance available light levels.
  • Best Vantage Point: – The elevation /declination level of the photographer with respect to the subject and the background is the key point. It takes a few trials and errors before finding the best. With experience it is possible to get the expertise.
  • Optimum Focal Length: – Using the prime lenses for adjusting the focal length can help eliminate the negative effects of shadow, increase accuracy, enhance coverage and freeze the subject and background.
  • Field of View: – Manual adjustment for the angle of view and angle of coverage on the spot can help in optimizing the available lighting to improve the image quality. The horizontal, vertical and diagonal settings in the camera determine the sharpness of the photograph under available lights.

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